Gateway Garrison Green is a Condominium Corporation, comprised of 250 residential Units that are located on the edge of central Calgary.

This website has been designed as an information tool for the residents of Gateway Garrison Green and includes booking forms, important Corporation documentation and Newsletters to provide a review of current issues/news. 


Gateway Garrison Green is located at:

5605 Henwood St SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

To get directions, click on the red pin shown on the map.  This will bring up Google Maps.


Onsite Resident Manager


The Corporation employs an onsite resident manager to facilitate onsite tasks such as intercom changes, booking the elevator for a move in/out and booking onsite amenities.

Click here for more information on contacting him/her.


Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is elected at each Annual General Meeting.  Please refer to the most recent Annual General Meeting Minutes for verification of current Board members.

If you would like to send correspondence to the Board of Directors please use the ‘Contact Us’ option.


Note: The Board consists of Owners who volunteer their time to help ensure effective management and administration of the Condominium Corporation in accordance with requirements of the Bylaws.   Please use consideration in communicating with the Board to ensure all correspondence is respectful.   We would also request that you refrain from approaching Board members in person and put all correspondence in writing using the Contact option on this website.