Winter 2017 Newsletter

Article 1: On Site Office

Building Manager:

Anda Tibuleac

Phone: 403-540-5025

Contact Information:

Monday to Thursday 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Friday: 7:30AM – 11:30AM
(every second Friday the site office is open until 3:30PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 12:00PM (every second Saturday only)
Sunday: Closed

On Site Office Hours:



Building Maintenance

Over the last 12 months C-Era and the Board have completed a review of the various building maintenance companies including landscaping/snow removal, restoration and HVAC to ensure that the contractors are all providing competitive services at competitive rates.

A thorough analysis of each area was completed. This included reviewing bids from the various contractors, comparing services and meeting with each vendor to ensure the needs of GGG would be taken care of properly and cost efficiently. Below please find the provider for each specialty within the building.

Trotter and Morton (T&M) is now providing our HVAC services. T&M conducted an audit of our equipment prior to being awarded the contract and found several machines were in need of repair to ensure the machine runs efficiently and costs stay low. Since being awarded the contract, T&M has done a fantastic job of ensuring that our heating/cooling equipment has been serviced properly. They have cleaned up the HVAC rooms and have further reduced the parkade heat. For any emergency repairs, T&M have been very prompt in getting to the property and ensuring the repairs were completed

Landscaping and irrigation has now been contracted to Green Meadows. They offer more snow removal service than the competitors at the same cost and even provided GGG snow removal when our former snow removal company was unable. Green Meadows also specializes in irrigation. In the past there have been problems with excess water in the courtyard. With our new contractors, we feel confident that these situations will be resolved

Embers Fire and Safety is now the fire safety contractor of choice. The previous company was no longer cost-effective and unable to accommodate variable scheduling. Embers did a great job with the most recent fire audit and they were thorough, professional and fast.

Pure Restoration is now our onsite restoration company. They come with an excellent reputation and before switching the contract, Pure did a couple of restorations for us as a trial. They have been prompt, priced right, sensitive to resident’s needs and overall a great company to work with.

All of the new service providers will be reviewed for performance prior to contract renewal. If you have any questions or comments about any of the new service companies, please feel free to reach out through email.

Drain (Stack) Cleaning

To prevent plumbing issues, such as drain back-ups, the lines require regular cleaning to remove any debris build-up. There is mounting evidence that cleaning the stacks from only the exterior of the building is not as beneficial as cleaning the stacks from the unit interior as well. As such, line auguring of the main and laundry stacks from unit interiors has been scheduled and will be completed by Flo Pros Drain Servicing this January 2018. This should hopefully alleviate the gurgling that some units can hear through the drains and prevent many of the sink back-ups being experienced by some residents. By having clean pipes throughout the building, water backups can be prevented which is essential to keeping insurance payments low.

While we appreciate that providing unit access can be logistically difficult for some, this maintenance has been deemed necessary to prevent further plumbing issues in the building. The disruptions are anticipated to be minimal. When feeling inconvenienced, we hope that residents can keep in mind the importance of this interior stack cleaning and the need for access. Please refer to the hard copy notices and emails sent out from C-Era recently for dates that units will be required to provide access. Your cooperation is extremely important as this maintenance is essential to keeping our building running properly.


In case you weren’t aware, there is an official Facebook group for GGG. This is a group for renters/owners currently living/owning a unit at GGG.

To join this group potential members will be asked their unit number. This group is NOT monitored by the on site manager or C-Era so in the event of a building issue like a leak, break, or other significant problem, please make sure to contact the emergency line for C-Era at 403.266.0240 or the Police, depending on the nature of the emergency. For non-emergency issues please use the proper communication channels by filling out the contact form on the GGG website or calling the on-site manager.

Social media is not a means of communicating and receiving responses from C-Era and Board members, so this should not be expected from Facebook posts

Examples illustrating the group’s purpose include any pertinent info for residents, group events and sharing of ideas/information. Additionally each member needs to promote a culture of community and respect for others.

This can be found at Gateway Garrison Green (Official) on Facebook

Article 4: In Unit Maintenance

The mechanical contractor for GGG, Trotter and Morton, have provided the following recommendations for in unit components:

Washing Machine Hoses:

Braided hoses typically last much longer than the rubber hoses which are provided with the washing machine. They recommend that residents purchase and replace their current rubber hoses with braided ones to avoid a washing machine leak. Home Depot sells the braided hoses in a package of two; if you would like a link to the home depot website for this product please email the Building Manager.

Zone Valve Maintenance

When a suite is above the temperature the thermostat has been set for, a 24 volt power supply is used to engage the zone valve motor to keep it closed. In the summer months (May-September) the zone valves do not open as often due to the ambient temperatures. When the ambient temperature in a suite is above 20C, Trotter and Morton recommends that the thermostat be turned up to allow the zone valve to open and de-energize. This will allow for flow through the system and assist in lengthening the life of the zone valve.

Drain health:

If you notice gurgling in your sink or smells coming up, rather than using Draino or enzymes that can damage the pipes and cause leaks, the best thing to do if fill your sink full with water with the plug in. Release the plug and let the pressure of the water clean the pipes.

Additionally do your best to not dump any oils ie) coconut, vegetable or grease such as bacon grease down the sink. Please let these cool and then dispose in compost.

Article 5: Furniture Disposal

Furniture disposal is not included as part of recycling services so please do NOT dump unwanted furniture and large household items in the garbage room.

1800GOTJUNK is part of the Associa Advantage network. If you have furniture and large unwanted items, 1800GOTJUNK offers all residents of an Associa managed building a 10% discount by booking via this link:

Article 6: Pet Policy

As an ongoing reminder for responsible pet ownership please note the following with regards to dogs:

  • All dogs must be registered with the Corporation. A pet registration form is available for download from the website and can be submitted to the site office.

  • You cannot leave your dog unattended while tethered.

  • All dogs must be licensed by three-months-old.

  • A dog Owner must ensure their dog does not: ➢ Bite anyone

  • ➢ Injure anyone
    ➢ Chase or threaten anyone
    ➢ Bark, howl or disturb anyone
    ➢ Cause damage to property
    ➢ Cause damage to other animals

  • Take your pet off the premises to urinate whenever possible

Carry or keep your pet on a leash at all times when on common property, whether indoor or outdoor.

Lastly, barking dogs are always of particular concern. If your dog has a tendency to bark please take appropriate measures to ensure the barking does not cause a disturbance for other residents. The following suggestions may help:

  • Take your dog with you when you go out

  • Do not leave your dog unattended in your unit when away for an extended period of time

  • Purchase a bark collar

  • Contact your veterinarian or obedience trainer for suggestions

  • Contact a pet store for suggestions

Thank you for your attention to these requirements and ensuring that residents and dogs can peacefully co-exist! If you have any comments or additional suggestions on these matters, please send them through the contact forms.

Article 7: Compost Recycling

The City of Calgary announced a new organics recycling bylaw, whichcame into effect in November 2017. To ensure GGG is in compliance with this bylaw, a compost recycling program has been implemented. As a reminder, please use either a compostable bag or a paper bag/newspaper as these are the approved items for holding your compost.

Article 8: Special Resolution

In 2016 the board undertook the process of updating/revising the by-laws for the condominium. The existing by-laws have not been revised since the building was completed and ownership was transferred from the developers to the owners. The existing bylaws have been revised in consultation with McLeod Law LLP. The revisions are necessary to the continued effective operation of the condominium by your elected board. These revisions require approval by a minimum of 75% of ownership to be ratified.

These are not a new set of by-laws but an expansion and clarification of certain areas that were unclear or insufficient. The black lined sections of the attached (are we attaching these??) revised by-laws reflect the areas where changes have been made. All other areas of the by-laws are the existing by-laws that are currently in effect and were ratified by the owner upon purchase their unit.

If you have not completed a special resolution form in regards to the by-laws and recently received a reminder notice, please take the time to read over the attached black lined copy of the revised by- laws and accompanying letter from McLeod Law LLP. We would request you return the attached special resolution form to

Please note that by-laws are something lenders and purchasers review in relation to unit sales and financing.

Thank you for your attention to this.

Article 9: Friendly neighbour reminder!

We would like to remind everyone that living in a community environment, such as GGG, should involve respecting one’s neighbours – this includes being aware of one’s noise levels. Please be conscious of playing loud music, dropping large weights in the gym, children yelling while running in hallways, dogs left barking while you are out, only conducting renovations during approved hours, and other activities that might be disruptive when they are occurring frequently. Everyone expects to hear their neighbours and people in the hallways, and no one is envisaging a silent building. However, please be respectful and courteous to your neighbours by limiting disruptive behaviors and simply respecting that you live in a multi-unit building. Beyond noise levels, we encourage everyone to please keep the building clean (do not overflow the front entry garbage on weekends!), avoid excess speeds in the parkade and neighbourhood streets, and do not put food down the sink drains as it can lead to back-ups. If everyone is respectful of one another it really goes a long way to creating a happy living environment.

As always, should you have any comments or questions, please direct to our on site manager who can pass them along to C-Era and/or the board members. Thank you for helping make GGG a great building and a wonderful place to live. 

Building Security - Fob Audit

Please be advised we are auditing the fobs in the building to ensure they are all accounted for by unit. This will include any fobs you have issued to tenants, family, housekeepers, etc.

We would request you complete the information below and return to the site office or via email to

We would appreciate your earliest response. Fobs that are not reported will be de-activated from the system July 4TH.

UNIT #___________


If your FOB number is worn off or not legible, please see Anda at the site office during her office hours. She will be able to determine the number in the system. 

Garrison Green Fitness Policy

Click here to download the PDF

In an effort to ensure that all Residents/Owners are able to enjoy the fitness centre, it is required that everyone adhere to the "Fitness Centre Policies" signs posted in the fitness center.

  • Residents/Owners and their guests only 
  • › No one under 16 years old is allowed in the fitness centre 
  • › No alcohol, food or beverages (except water) allowed in the fitness centre 
  • › No glass in the fitness centre 
  • › All equipment used must be wiped down after each use 
  • › Equipment to only be used as intended 
  • › Use of radio's, or other audio/video devices w/o personal headphones is prohibited (TV audio can only be used via FM receiver) 
  • › Garrison Green Board of Directors and Property Management assumes no liability for personal injuries or accidents that may occur 
  • › Residents/Owners and guests must abstain from anything that is immoral and goes directly against maintenance, security, order or disturbing others. This includes loud noise which leads to the annoyance of others 
  • › Be especially aware of noise level after 10pm through 6am – avoid using treadmill 
  • Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing at all times 
  • › Please carry a large towel to sit / lie on when using the equipment. It’s more hygienic for others using equipment 
  • › This room is video monitored and recorded 24 hours a day 
  • › Use equipment at your own risk 
  • › Share the equipment between sets, particularly during busy periods. 
  • › Don’t let the weight stacks bang down, lower them gently under control – it’s been proven noise travels through the walls, ceilings, and plumbing 
  • › Replace any free weights discs or dumbbells immediately after use. It’s dangerous to leave them lying around 
  • › Garrison Green Board of Directors and Property Management reserve the right to refuse anyone the use of the facilities and reserve the right to change them at any time when deemed appropriate.

If you encounter any issues with another Resident/Owner and or guest in the fitness centre, please document details of the occurrence, concern, time/date and report it through the Gateway Garrison Green website.  Please use this same process if you would like to report a noise disturbance in your Unit from fitness centre usage.  It will be the responsibility of Property Management or the Board of Directors to follow up with anyone not obeying the Fitness 
Centre Policies; this may include a fine and or suspension of facility access depending on severity of the infraction.