Mounting Vehicle tags (garage FOB's) & Features

Vehicle tags can be mounted to windshield of the vehicle, either top righthand area of the passenger side or bottom righthand area of the passenger side. The tag is identified up to 10 meters [33 feet] as soon as it comes within line of sight of the TRANSIT reader – suction cup side MUST be displayed to the TRANSIT reader to activate. Some areas NOT recommended to have the vehicle tags; glove compartment, hand, purse or bag, middle console, window visors, sun visors, dashboard, and ceiling console. The vehicle tags are known for there excellent performance across a great variety of applications. Vehicle tags are used for convenient long range vehicle access, parking, automated truck weigh scales, yard management, waste management etc.

Key features:

  • Read range up to 10m [33 ft] - audible confirmation
  •  Can detect vehicle from speeds up to 200 km/h [125 mph] - No speeding in parkade
  •  Highly reliable reading under all conditions
  • On-site adjustable directional read range
  • Long range vehicle identification from distances up to 10 meters [33 feet]
  • Flexible systems integration
  • Not required to wait for Fast-track door to close before proceeding, go through on the amber or green light
  • Tailgating occurs if you don't have a vehicle tag displayed