Pet Policy


Appendix A, Clause 2, (a) – (d) of the Bylaws of the Corporation states: 

An Owner shall not keep or permit to be kept any animals anywhere in his Unit or on the Common Property provided that: 

a) an Owner or Occupant may keep or permit to be kept as a pet: (i) fish kept in an aquarium; (ii) small birds or 1 large bird kept at all time in a cage; and (iii) a single domestic dog or cat (but not both), not heavier than 23 kilograms or as otherwise specifically approved by the Developer concurrent with the Developer’s sale of the Unit or by the Board; 

b) when the Board determines that a dog barks so as to create undue hardship, discomfort or annoyance on the part of any of the Owners or Occupants or if a dog exhibits threatening behavior (except where provoked with the intention of eliciting such behavior), the Owner of the dog shall immediately and permanently remove the dog from the Project on notice from the Board; 

c) any Owner or Occupant keeping a pet in a Unit may be required by the Corporation to enter into an agreement to provide security for damage caused by the pet and establishing rules for keeping the pet at the Project; and 

d) pets permitted to be in a Unit shall not be permitted on the Common Property except for the purposes of ingress and egress from the Project 


The Board of Directors found it necessary to establish a Pet Policy due to negligence on behalf of some Pet Owners and due to the continued premature wear and tear and occasional damage of common property. 

The Board’s view is that the Owner must take responsibility for the actions of their pet and ensure compliance with established rules. In turn, Owners who do not have a pet should not assume responsibility for costs incurred by the Corporation for cleaning and replacement of common property components due to negligence of Pet Owners. 

The following policy has been prepared to clearly outline requirements and expectations of Pet Owners. 

Allowable Pets: 

Appendix A, Clause 2, (a) of the Bylaws of the Corporation clearly outlines the type, size and quantity of pet(s) allowed. They are as follows: 

  • Multiple fish in an aquarium. 
  • Two small birds or one large bird in a cage. However, the Board has given approval for two birds of any size provided they fit in the same cage. 
  • Either 1 cat or 1 dog, not one of each. The cat or dog must not exceed 23 kilograms in weight. 

Pet Application: 

The Management Company must be provided with a completed pet application form for pets that reside on the premises. A copy of this form is available for download from the Corporation website or can be obtained from the office of C-Era Property Management. 

Non-Refundable Pet Security Deposit: 

Approval of a pet application for a dog is subject to payment of a $500 non-refundable pet deposit. 

This pet deposit is restricted to dogs, as they are the type of pets that primarily contribute to damage and premature wear and tear of common property areas. 

Grandfathered Pets: 

If an Owner has documented approval that extends to more than one cat or dog, the pets are grandfathered. However, upon sale of the Unit the grandfathering rights are not transferrable to the new Owner. 

If an Owner has documented approval for a dog prior to April 30th 2010 they are not required to pay the non-refundable pet deposit. The grandfathering rights are specific to the dog approved and are not transferable to a different dog or to a new Owner upon sale of the Unit. 

Pets on Common Property: 

The City of Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw regulates pet Ownership; the following requirements are outlined in this Bylaw: 

You must pick up all feces produced by your dog both on and off your property. Ensure that you bring along a suitable means to pick up feces. 

  • You cannot leave your dog unattended while tethered. 
  • All dogs must be licensed by three-months-old. 
  • A dog Owner must ensure their dog does not: 
      - Bite anyone
      - Injure anyone
      - Chase or threaten anyone
      - Bark, howl or disturb anyone 
      - Cause damage to property 
      - Cause damage to other animals 

The Corporation additionally requests that Pet Owners: 

  • Take your pet off the premises to urinate whenever possible 
  • Carry or keep your pet on a leash at all times when on common property, whether indoor or outdoor. 

Barking Dogs: 

Barking dogs are of particular concern; if your dog has a tendency to bark you must take appropriate measures to ensure the barking does not cause a disturbance for other residents. We suggest the following: 

  • Take your dog with you when you go out 
  • Do not leave your dog unattended in your Unit when away for an extended period of time 
  • Purchase a bark collar 
  • Contact your veterinarian or obedience trainer for suggestions 
  • Contact a pet store for suggestions 

In accordance with Appendix A, Clause 2, (b), complaints of continual barking could result in the permanent removal of the dog from the premises. 

Pet Owner Negligence: 

It is the Owners responsibility to ensure compliance with all requirements established in this pet policy, including submittal of a pet application and payment of the pet deposit where applicable. Failure to comply could result in a fine levied against the applicable Unit. 

Unpaid fines and/or the non-refundable pet deposit will be posted on the account of the applicable Unit. Should these costs go unpaid they will be treated as arrears; please refer to the Arrears section of the Owners Guide for the process in which arrears are collected. 

The City of Calgary fine for a dog running at large is $100 and the fine for not licensing your dog is $250; to report a bylaw violation to the City please call 311