Garrison Green Fitness Policy

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In an effort to ensure that all Residents/Owners are able to enjoy the fitness centre, it is required that everyone adhere to the "Fitness Centre Policies" signs posted in the fitness center.

  • Residents/Owners and their guests only 
  • › No one under 16 years old is allowed in the fitness centre 
  • › No alcohol, food or beverages (except water) allowed in the fitness centre 
  • › No glass in the fitness centre 
  • › All equipment used must be wiped down after each use 
  • › Equipment to only be used as intended 
  • › Use of radio's, or other audio/video devices w/o personal headphones is prohibited (TV audio can only be used via FM receiver) 
  • › Garrison Green Board of Directors and Property Management assumes no liability for personal injuries or accidents that may occur 
  • › Residents/Owners and guests must abstain from anything that is immoral and goes directly against maintenance, security, order or disturbing others. This includes loud noise which leads to the annoyance of others 
  • › Be especially aware of noise level after 10pm through 6am – avoid using treadmill 
  • Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing at all times 
  • › Please carry a large towel to sit / lie on when using the equipment. It’s more hygienic for others using equipment 
  • › This room is video monitored and recorded 24 hours a day 
  • › Use equipment at your own risk 
  • › Share the equipment between sets, particularly during busy periods. 
  • › Don’t let the weight stacks bang down, lower them gently under control – it’s been proven noise travels through the walls, ceilings, and plumbing 
  • › Replace any free weights discs or dumbbells immediately after use. It’s dangerous to leave them lying around 
  • › Garrison Green Board of Directors and Property Management reserve the right to refuse anyone the use of the facilities and reserve the right to change them at any time when deemed appropriate.

If you encounter any issues with another Resident/Owner and or guest in the fitness centre, please document details of the occurrence, concern, time/date and report it through the Gateway Garrison Green website.  Please use this same process if you would like to report a noise disturbance in your Unit from fitness centre usage.  It will be the responsibility of Property Management or the Board of Directors to follow up with anyone not obeying the Fitness 
Centre Policies; this may include a fine and or suspension of facility access depending on severity of the infraction. 

Mounting Vehicle tags (garage FOB's) & Features

Vehicle tags can be mounted to windshield of the vehicle, either top righthand area of the passenger side or bottom righthand area of the passenger side. The tag is identified up to 10 meters [33 feet] as soon as it comes within line of sight of the TRANSIT reader – suction cup side MUST be displayed to the TRANSIT reader to activate. Some areas NOT recommended to have the vehicle tags; glove compartment, hand, purse or bag, middle console, window visors, sun visors, dashboard, and ceiling console. The vehicle tags are known for there excellent performance across a great variety of applications. Vehicle tags are used for convenient long range vehicle access, parking, automated truck weigh scales, yard management, waste management etc.

Key features:

  • Read range up to 10m [33 ft] - audible confirmation
  •  Can detect vehicle from speeds up to 200 km/h [125 mph] - No speeding in parkade
  •  Highly reliable reading under all conditions
  • On-site adjustable directional read range
  • Long range vehicle identification from distances up to 10 meters [33 feet]
  • Flexible systems integration
  • Not required to wait for Fast-track door to close before proceeding, go through on the amber or green light
  • Tailgating occurs if you don't have a vehicle tag displayed

Phase 2 Construction: Q & A

Gateway Garrison Green

Phase 2 Construction: Questions and Answers

The following list of questions and corresponding answers has been prepared in advance to assist all residents with any queries that may arise while the building envelope work is underway. The Board of Directors has prepared these questions in hopes to alleviate any immediate concerns and bring clarity surrounding the upcoming work.

Once you have reviewed this document, if there are any areas of concern that have not been addressed, please send your inquiry in writing via the Corporation website:

1. What work is still outstanding from Phase 1 (started last year)?
The majority of the work that is outstanding from Phase 1 is the deck coating and re-grading.

2. When will the Phase 1 construction be complete?
Phase 1 will be complete approximately around the same time Phase 2 is complete. Residents will be given all information via public schedules that may vary depending on the starting date. The estimated completion date is September 2013.

3. When is the planned starting date for Phase 2 construction?
If there are not any unforeseen interruptions or delays, the anticipated start date is May 6, 2013.

4. Is there anything I will need to do before then?
We require all keys to be submitted to the site manager’s office by May 01, 2013 for Phase 2 units. Those residents/owners from Phase 1 who had requested their keys back at the end of last year’s construction will be required to resubmit their keys by Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

5. How will I know when construction is scheduled to begin on my unit?
All residents will be notified of the initial construction schedule by receiving a notice under the unit door and/or by email (via Constant Contact). Please note that this will be a tentative schedule that is subject to change due to weather delays, noncompliance of residents, changes in production rates, etc. You will be required to check the Garrison Green website for schedule revisions as the project progresses. This schedule will be posted by April 24, 2013.

6. What responsibilities do I have in order to prepare my unit for construction?
Please ensure that you have all items removed from your balcony and the immediate area around the patio door, inside your unit. We ask that you prepare a 6’ radius (1.83m) around your door to allow the construction crew room to work. Additionally, please clear a path from the hallway to your balcony door. Any time spent moving or working around your personal belongings will delay the schedule and progress of the entire project. Please also ensure that all pets are kept in a safe location during the construction, as our crews will be in and out of the units on a regular basis (between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.)

7. What do I do if my unit is not prepared for its scheduled construction date?
If you are unable to prepare your unit in advance, you must inform the Board of Directors at least one week prior to your start date (or as soon as you are able to do so). This can be done through the Garrison Green website or by contacting C-Era Property Management. We will try to accommodate, if at all possible. Please note that this might incur additional costs to the unit owner directly.

8. Wow, that is a lot of information! Out of curiosity, what is the consequence for failure to comply with access requests, unit preparation requests, or any other means of making a unit unavailable on the scheduled construction date(s)?
If anyone fails to comply with the above mentioned requests and/or causes delays in any way, work will be suspended in their unit. Unit owners will then be charged back an assessment to cover the amount incurred by the contractors. If any owners or residents do cause a work delay and are subsequently fined, the Board of Directors will require a letter stating the unit is ready for construction before the unit is re-added to the schedule.

9. How long can I anticipate the work to go on in my unit?
We will require access to your unit for 40 consecutive working days (Monday through Friday, during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.). This equates to an eight week time frame. While there will not necessarily be construction taking place in your unit each day during this 40-day period, access will still be required for inspections, product cure time and minor work.

Examples of inspections, product cure time and minor work are:

  • Architectural consultant inspections
  • Checking on product that may need time to dry (i.e. concrete, mortar, coatings,
  • caulking, etc.)
  • Touch ups and repairs
  • Project Manager inspections to certify that the work completed has met DBD
  • Construction’s complete level of quality and standards
  • Etc

10.How will I know when the work is complete in my unit?
The Board of Directors will send a letter to each unit individually stating that the construction is complete. This will also include instructions for painting around the doorframe by our approved contractor, Red Dot Restoration (formerly Gus Restoration).

11.What do I do/where do I go with any questions, comments, concerns?
 Inquiries can be directed to the Board of Directors via the correspondence page on the Gateway Garrison Green website ( For urgent matters, you may contact DBD Construction by phone at (403)452-6488 or by email at

Reminder: As discussed during the last AGM, the Gateway Garrison Green (Official) Facebook page is not a valid forum to express concerns or questions. Therefore, owners/residents should not expect any resolution to concerns posted via Facebook.

12. Where can I store my belongings while the construction takes place? 
Exceptions will be made for parking stall storage during the construction season. You may store your BBQ (without the propane tank) and patio furniture in your stall but the items must be neat and organized at all times.

We have attempted to address some potential concerns as best as possible and will provide more information as it becomes available during the construction process.  On the behalf of the Board; thank you for your support and understanding that we have your best interest and property value in mind.

Please make sure to forward any comments or questions in writing via the Corporation website: It is important that all queries are submitted in writing for proper follow up and record; enquiries submitted by phone will be redirected to email.

Thank You
Gateway Garrison Green Board of Directors

Q&A April 17, 2013


Pet Policy


Appendix A, Clause 2, (a) – (d) of the Bylaws of the Corporation states: 

An Owner shall not keep or permit to be kept any animals anywhere in his Unit or on the Common Property provided that: 

a) an Owner or Occupant may keep or permit to be kept as a pet: (i) fish kept in an aquarium; (ii) small birds or 1 large bird kept at all time in a cage; and (iii) a single domestic dog or cat (but not both), not heavier than 23 kilograms or as otherwise specifically approved by the Developer concurrent with the Developer’s sale of the Unit or by the Board; 

b) when the Board determines that a dog barks so as to create undue hardship, discomfort or annoyance on the part of any of the Owners or Occupants or if a dog exhibits threatening behavior (except where provoked with the intention of eliciting such behavior), the Owner of the dog shall immediately and permanently remove the dog from the Project on notice from the Board; 

c) any Owner or Occupant keeping a pet in a Unit may be required by the Corporation to enter into an agreement to provide security for damage caused by the pet and establishing rules for keeping the pet at the Project; and 

d) pets permitted to be in a Unit shall not be permitted on the Common Property except for the purposes of ingress and egress from the Project 


The Board of Directors found it necessary to establish a Pet Policy due to negligence on behalf of some Pet Owners and due to the continued premature wear and tear and occasional damage of common property. 

The Board’s view is that the Owner must take responsibility for the actions of their pet and ensure compliance with established rules. In turn, Owners who do not have a pet should not assume responsibility for costs incurred by the Corporation for cleaning and replacement of common property components due to negligence of Pet Owners. 

The following policy has been prepared to clearly outline requirements and expectations of Pet Owners. 

Allowable Pets: 

Appendix A, Clause 2, (a) of the Bylaws of the Corporation clearly outlines the type, size and quantity of pet(s) allowed. They are as follows: 

  • Multiple fish in an aquarium. 
  • Two small birds or one large bird in a cage. However, the Board has given approval for two birds of any size provided they fit in the same cage. 
  • Either 1 cat or 1 dog, not one of each. The cat or dog must not exceed 23 kilograms in weight. 

Pet Application: 

The Management Company must be provided with a completed pet application form for pets that reside on the premises. A copy of this form is available for download from the Corporation website or can be obtained from the office of C-Era Property Management. 

Non-Refundable Pet Security Deposit: 

Approval of a pet application for a dog is subject to payment of a $500 non-refundable pet deposit. 

This pet deposit is restricted to dogs, as they are the type of pets that primarily contribute to damage and premature wear and tear of common property areas. 

Grandfathered Pets: 

If an Owner has documented approval that extends to more than one cat or dog, the pets are grandfathered. However, upon sale of the Unit the grandfathering rights are not transferrable to the new Owner. 

If an Owner has documented approval for a dog prior to April 30th 2010 they are not required to pay the non-refundable pet deposit. The grandfathering rights are specific to the dog approved and are not transferable to a different dog or to a new Owner upon sale of the Unit. 

Pets on Common Property: 

The City of Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw regulates pet Ownership; the following requirements are outlined in this Bylaw: 

You must pick up all feces produced by your dog both on and off your property. Ensure that you bring along a suitable means to pick up feces. 

  • You cannot leave your dog unattended while tethered. 
  • All dogs must be licensed by three-months-old. 
  • A dog Owner must ensure their dog does not: 
      - Bite anyone
      - Injure anyone
      - Chase or threaten anyone
      - Bark, howl or disturb anyone 
      - Cause damage to property 
      - Cause damage to other animals 

The Corporation additionally requests that Pet Owners: 

  • Take your pet off the premises to urinate whenever possible 
  • Carry or keep your pet on a leash at all times when on common property, whether indoor or outdoor. 

Barking Dogs: 

Barking dogs are of particular concern; if your dog has a tendency to bark you must take appropriate measures to ensure the barking does not cause a disturbance for other residents. We suggest the following: 

  • Take your dog with you when you go out 
  • Do not leave your dog unattended in your Unit when away for an extended period of time 
  • Purchase a bark collar 
  • Contact your veterinarian or obedience trainer for suggestions 
  • Contact a pet store for suggestions 

In accordance with Appendix A, Clause 2, (b), complaints of continual barking could result in the permanent removal of the dog from the premises. 

Pet Owner Negligence: 

It is the Owners responsibility to ensure compliance with all requirements established in this pet policy, including submittal of a pet application and payment of the pet deposit where applicable. Failure to comply could result in a fine levied against the applicable Unit. 

Unpaid fines and/or the non-refundable pet deposit will be posted on the account of the applicable Unit. Should these costs go unpaid they will be treated as arrears; please refer to the Arrears section of the Owners Guide for the process in which arrears are collected. 

The City of Calgary fine for a dog running at large is $100 and the fine for not licensing your dog is $250; to report a bylaw violation to the City please call 311