The safety of residents at Gateway Garrison Green is of the highest importance and we ask all residents to remain vigilant with respect to building security.

Please be advised that early in the morning on September 10th, a male and a female gained access to the underground parking and broke into 3 vehicles. They gained access by breaking into the lockbox.

Calgary Police Services have been contacted and reports filed. Images from the security cameras, which include images of the suspects, have been provided to them.

Unrelated to the break-in, the overhead door to resident parking is broken. A part is on order and will be rush delivered. In the meantime, a security guard has been hired to patrol and monitor the access to resident parking.

It is advised to never have valuables in vehicles. Previous notices and newsletters have reminded residents to please ensure there are no items of value in your vehicles.

Gateway Garrison Green remains, a safe place to live and we ask for your cooperation with increased security awareness going forward. Please contact with your questions or concerns.

Garrison Green Stack cleaning schedule

Week #1

Mon March 04 --- Riser 1103/1104/1105/1106

Unit access required—1103/2103/4103, 1104/2104/4104, 1105/2105/4105, 1106/2106/4106

Tue March 05 --- Riser 1107/1108/1109/1110

Unit access required—1107/2107/4107, 1108/2108/4108, 1109/2109/4109, 1110/2110/4110

Wed March 06--- Riser 1111/1112/1113/1114

Unit access required—1111/2111/4111, 1112/2112/4112, 1113/2113/4113, 1114/2114/4114

Thurs March 07-–Riser 1202/1203/1204/1205

Unit access required—1202/2202/4202, 1203/2203/4203, 1204/2204/4204, 1205/2205/4205

Friday March 08 ---- Riser 1206/1207/1208/1209

Unit access required --- 1206/2206/4206, 1207/2207/4207, 1208/2208/4208, 1209/2209/4209

Week #2

Mon March 11 --- Riser 1210/1211/1212

Unit access required--- 1210/2210/4210, 1211/2211/4211, 1212/2212/4212

Tue March 12 --- Riser 1301/1302/1303/1304

Unit access required--- 1301/2301/4301, 1302/2302/4302, 1303/2303/4303, 1304/2304/4304

Wed March 13 --- Riser 1305/1306/1307/1308

Unit access required--- 1305/2305/4305, 1306/2306/4306, 1307/2307/4307, 1308/2308/4308

Thurs March 14 – Riser 1309/1310/1311/1312

Unit access required--- 1309/2309/4309, 1310/2310/4310, 1311/2311/4311, 1312/2312/4312

Friday March 15 – Riser 1403/1404/1405/1406

Unit access required--- 1403/2403/4403, 1404/2404/4404, 1405/2405/4405, 1406/2406/4406

Week #3

Mon March 18--- Riser 1407/1408/1409/1410

Unit access required---1407/2407/4407, 1408/2408/4408, 1409/2409/4409, 1410/2410/4410

Tue March 19--- Riser 1411/1412/1413/1414

Unit access required---1411/2411/4411, 1412/2412/4412, 1413/2413/4413, 1414/2414/4414

Wed March 20--- Riser 1415/1416/1417

Unit access required---1415/2415/4415, 1416/2416/4416, 1417/2417/4417

Thurs March 21—Riser 1501/1502/1503/1504

Unit access required---1501/2501/4501, 1502/2502/4502, 1503/2503/4503, 1504/2504/4504

Friday March 22--- Riser 1505/1508/1509/1510

Unit access required---1505/2505/4505, 1508/2508/4508, 1509/2509/4509, 1510/2510/4510

To be continued

Week #4

Monday March 25 --- 2402/2201/2101/2102 (Risers does have 1st floor units, we will need access to 2nd and 4th floor only) 3506/4506 (loft has not 1st and 2nd floor units below, we need to access 3rd and 4th only)

Unit access required---2402/4402, 2201/4201, 2101/4101, 2102/4102, 3506/4506

We access through the top of the kitchen sink if we could ask the residents to remove any dishes or

clutter from the sinks, from 8:30 am we will start on the first stack if job goes smooth, we should be

finishing the last stack before noon.

The techs will access the 1st/ 2nd and 4th floor in order to clear the first main stack set for that day once

the work is completed on each floor we will auger the line again from 1st floor unit to parkade ensure line

is clear, after that we will move on the next unit and repeat the same process until all stacks has been

cleaned, any tenants are home during the process of the cleaning will be notified once job is completed

so they can go with their day.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know it is good have everyone on the same page

before the project starts.