Parking Repairs 2014 | Update


The parkade remediation project is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the parkade 
concrete slab. If action is not taken to protect the concrete, then the salts from the vehicles will 
degrade the steel within the concrete and compromise the structure.

The work entails the following:

  • Removal and replacement of all the drive aisle surfaces on P1
  • P1 will be affected when the Phase 1 shutdown occurs (September 15 – October 19)
  • Inspection of all the surfaces in the parking stalls
  • Cleaning and coating of all of the parking stalls on P1
  • Repairs to the cracks in the concrete
  • P2 will be affected when the Phase 2 shutdown occurs (October 1 – 19)


For clarification, parking stalls located in P2 WILL NOT be accessible from October 1st through 19th inclusively, as you CANNOT drive on P1 level during repairs. Owners with parking stalls on P2 can choose to leave their vehicles in their stalls throughout the entire process with a small window of opportunity to access storage locker items until the 1st of October.

As shown on the   map,   there is a new   development fairly   close with ample   street parking. As   per your Board   President, if you do   park some distance   away from the building   and are uneasy, call a   friend while you are   walking so they know   where you are. 

As shown on the map, there is a new development fairly close with ample street parking. As per your Board President, if you do park some distance away from the building and are uneasy, call a friend while you are walking so they know where you are. 

The City of Calgary cannot commit to any provisions for parking on the street and has recommended that the residents of Gateway Garrison Green should obtain a parking permit. 

Please go to to order your parking permit.


Phase 1: No access to P1 & P2 via elevators 3 & 4 and stairs. (September 15 – October 1) 
Phase 2: No access to P1 & P2 via elevators 1, 2, 3 & 4 and stairs. (October 1 – 18)
Weekend Phase: No access to P1 & P2 via elevators 1, 2, 3 & 4 and stairs. (October 17 – 19)
PLEASE NOTE: Elevators and stairs will remain accessible throughout the remainder of the property.


Limited stalls in the Visitor Parking will be set aside for those with physical limitations. Please 
contact the On-site Service Manager at for a temporary parking pass. Due to the movement of contractor’s vehicles and equipment, the Visitor Parking area will have a high level of activity. The Corporation, C-Era Property Management and the contractor will not be held responsible for damage incurred to any vehicles.


Vehicles that are not removed by the requested date will be towed. Non-compliance of the 
removal of your vehicle will come with the associated fine of $750 to the owner. The Corporation, C-Era Property Management and WestPark will not be held responsible for damage incurred to any vehicles.


During the parkade repair process, the Board has agreed to relax the rules of NO storing of 
personal items and/or bikes on balconies. Please ensure items are returned to your storage locker or bike cage upon completion of the parkade repairs.


Please note that we are receiving a higher than normal volume of calls and emails with parkade repair and alternate parking questions, and we’re doing our very best to respond to everyone. 
We’ve compiled the questions asked and answered them in this latest update which will be posted on this website and placed in the mail room, in addition, your Board President has posted a Facebook update.  As we are provided updates we will in turn share the details with all residents. We realize this is an inconvenience for most and thank everyone for your continued support and ongoing patience. 


Diane Vine | Senior Property Manager
PH: 403.266.0240 ext. 244

Christine Card | Assistant Property Manager
PH: 403.266.0240 ext. 230

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