Wednesday June 20th, 2018

6:00pm Registration
6:30pm Meeting Time
Lobby of Garrison Green

The AGM is scheduled for Wednesday June 20th 2018, 6pm registration.
AGM packages were mailed out to owners. It is imperative that all owners either attend or provide a proxy in their absence so that a quorum of 25% is achieved. In previous years, there has been a struggle at the start of the meeting to obtain quorum – this unfair to everyone involved. Please keep in mind, that when quorum is not met, there are rescheduling fees involved which come directly from condo fees. We understand not everyone can attend, and providing a proxy in your absence is easy:

Proxy form - in AGM package or access via:

Please send the form by email, give it to a neighbour to bring, or leave it with
Anda in the office.

We would really appreciate everyone’s attention to this as we do not want to
reschedule and wish to avoid “door knocking” at the last minute.

Please join us in the Owners’ Lounge following the meeting for an informal meet and greet, discussion, wine & cheese.